Looking Back

The other day, I decided I’d begin posting a selection of my published poems. Here’s one of said poems.

Ridley Scott’s Alien with Moth was accepted for publication by Verity La in 2015. It has also appeared in an issue of Scottish sci-fi magazine Shoreline of Infinity. This poem was inspired by a session of Alien I attended during which there was a moth crawling on the screen.

Alien Poem


Glasshouses and the Saturn V

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Glasshouses by Stuart Barnes at the 2016 Queensland Poetry Festival over the weekend. It’s a fantastic debut collection and I’m sure there’ll be a few glowing reviews and probably some prizes heading Stuart’s way.

I was only able to attend a couple of events during the short time I was in Brisbane, but I’m keen to go again next year.

In other news, my poem ‘Ode to the Saturn V’ just went up at Bluepepper. Check it out!