A PoetrySays Workshop

A few weeks ago, I got together with Alice Allan and Mran-Maree Laing to record a new episode of Alice’s podcast PoetrySays.

We conducted an informal poetry workshop during which we each shared a poem we felt needed a bit of help, then asked for honest feedback. Our aim was to show the creative benefits of such a process and also to allay any fears a reluctant listener might harbour around attending a similar workshop.

Admittedly, we were cosily sipping tea around MM’s kitchen table, not in a room full of literary strangers, but we felt it was a fairly realistic approximation of the workshopping experience. Alice and Mran-Maree had never met in person, and I had never participated in a workshop with Alice, so it felt pretty genuine as far as group workshops go.

I think we all shared some constructive insights and suggestions and also took away from the afternoon a lot of great advice.

We hope any workshop-shy poets listening to the episode are inspired to seek out and attend a local poetry group to experience the many benefits of workshopping for themselves.


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