Ghost Blog (or, waaay too many commas)

Let’s just say hooray for Apple’s Keychain. Without it, I’d never have remembered my WordPress login. It’s been a long time since my last post. More than 18 months. So, why am I back (I ask myself, being this blog’s primary reader)? Well, a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I’ve had a few readings over the intervening time and one of them came about solely because of this blog. It was very nice of people to bother to contact me to check that I was still alive and working, even nicer of them to ask me to show off my poetry in front of some actual living people. The realisation that my Mary Celeste of a blog is the first thing that floats into view when somebody types my name into a search engine (we all know which one. Webcrawler and Yahoo are dead, people), is, frankly, slightly embarrassing.

Secondly, I’ve been writing again and wanted the option of being able to waffle about the process. I might rarely use this outlet, but it’s nice to know it’s here and that the hinges haven’t seized.

I’m working on a verse novel that started out like a dream. Fully formed poems were flowing from my fingertips and the research thrilled me. That was more than a year ago, and, of course, I soon realised that it’s not always so easy.

The writing slowed to a trickle, school reports were due and an insidious force called Netflix entered my life. For a worryingly long time, I wrote very little at all. No new pieces for the book. No new standalone poems, either. But recently, thank Creamy Goodness, I’ve remembered I’m a poet who is quite capable of writing, sometimes even to relatively acceptable effect. Rereading the stuff I’d already written for the verse novel didn’t make me cringe and a few new bits and pieces have been added to the existing stuff over the past while. I’m excited again about the book and about writing, which is, well, exciting!

So, I won’t promise I’ll be a regular poster, but I also won’t let the Mary Celeste off the leash again. Gotta love a good mixed metaphor.




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