Herd Mentality Podcast

I’m no believer. Anyone who’s ever had more than a five second chat with me is able to figure that out. I’m a big fan of anything skeptical, be it Skeptic Magazine, an episode of Mythbusters or a book by the legendary Carl Sagan. I’ve worked in laboratories and find the scientific process to be a thing of (relatively) simple beauty.

So, it’s hardly surprising that my collection of poetry, Regulator, contains a few pieces that deal with issues of skepticism. There’s one about the (understandably) secret attempt by an Apollo astronaut to transmit psychic thoughts from space*, and another, called Two Books, about my take on the absurdity of Christian religion.

I’m very excited to say that a reading of the latter poem will be included in tomorrow’s 60th episode of the absolutely brilliant skeptic/atheist podcast, The Herd Mentality. The podcast is the baby of Adam Reakes, a fantastic guy who dedicates much of his time to the admirable endeavour of promoting critical thinking. I’d like to thank Adam and urge you to subscribe to The Herd Mentality Podcast.

*I decide to end my poem just short of his inevitable disappointment, despite the fact that he actually claims the experiment was somewhat successful.


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