Something Different: A Disney Blog Post

A great passion or mine—some might say obsession—is Disney animation. Our family VCR was a true work horse, playing and replaying cassette after cassette when my siblings and I came home from school and all weekend, every one a Disney feature film.

As an adult, that excitement has never gone away. Some people find this strange (I’m thinking of you, head-shaking mother in the matinee screening of Frozen), but it’s a natural progression of the sheer enjoyment these wonderful movies provided as a child. Acquaintances are usually either impressed or shocked to hear that I’ve visited eight separate Disney theme parks around the world.

I now rightly view these films as more than entertainment. They’re true works of art. The mind-blowing amount of work that goes into each of these films is utterly astounding, and delving behind the scenes through books and blogs is a daily source of interest.

Recently (as a form of procrastination), I started to write down some thoughts about a particular design feature I’d noticed in a significantly large amount of Disney animated films, something I’d never heard anyone discuss before. It was purely a fun, throw-away exercise in writing, but I ended up sending it to a great Disney blog that sometimes accepts article submissions. They’ve just posted it today.

The article has been quite heavily edited—the playful introduction has been removed, the spelling Americanised, and there’s half a paragraph in there that I didn’t even write—but I still think it reads fairly well and draws attention to an interesting Disney design feature. It was fun to write something other than poetry for a change, too! Nowhere near as intense or slow.

Here is my article, Rising Above It: Disney’s Use of the ‘Rocky Platform’ at The Mickey Mindset.




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