The Final Countdown

I approved a book cover this morning. It wasn’t somebody else’s book cover. It was my book cover. The cover of my book. My book has a cover. My book is covered. I’ve got a book that needed covering and it is now covered. With a cover.

I guess what I’m saying is that I can’t quite believe my heretofore digital manuscript is two weeks away from being an object I can hold. And others can hold. And open. And read. And take in. And ponder. And love or hate or feel indifference toward. A book.

That’s enough of that nonsense. Regulator will be launched on Sunday, the 23rd of February at the Brett Whiteley Studio in Surry Hills from 2pm. It will be launched by one of my favourite poets, Carol Jenkins, something I still can’t quite believe is actually happening in a world of reality. The very real book will be on sale at the launch and will soon be available from my wonderful publisher’s website, (not yet).

I’ll keep you covered.


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