Recent Reading

Here is a small selection from (far too) many poetry books I’ve purchased over the past twelve months or so. I might even get myself sorted enough to write about them on here soonish.

I Was the Jukebox – Sandra Beasley; Exactly my own Length – Olivia McCannon; Tracy K. Smith – Life on Mars; Never, Never, Never Come Back – Kirsten Irving; Australian Love Poems 2013 – Edited by Mark Tredinnick; Even in the Dark – Rose Lucas; Some Ether – Nick Flynn; Black Aperture – Matt Rasmussen; Stag’s Leap – Sharon Olds; Theories of Falling – Sandra Beasley; and Firekeeper – Pattiann Rogers.


You might have noticed one name coming up twice. There’s a very good reason for that. Here’s an example of Sandra Beasley’s exquisite poetry from her second collection Theories of Falling.

The Puritans

Every New England child alive &
enrolled in May 1993 has the same
solar eclipse scorched into her retina:
They line us up on the blacktop,
under the basketball hoop, hand out
pinhole viewers cut from cereal boxes
& say don’t look. Don’t look.
Now. Look now.        Now              stop.
And of course my whole science classkeeps staring,
we who have watched
anoles lose one tail and grow another,
who have learned to diagram & spell
endoplasmic reticulum. I squint
through cardboard emblazoned
with the Froot Loops toucan.
No ring of fire so much as a fist,
hovering in front of a bare light bulb.
That must be the hand of God,
I think.I can’t place His forearm. Class,
inside now
. Could the punch
be coming straight at us?

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