Pile O’ Poetry – Poetry 180

I’ve mentioned Billy Collins a few times on my previous blog (benjamindodds.blogspot.com.au). He’s a divisive poet, not because his work is controversial or edgy, but for the opposite reason; many in poetry circles dismiss his work as fluffy and too accessible. When Collins’s work is held up under certain lights, I can understand the criticism, but I will never speak ill of any poet who spreads a love of poetry to new audiences. And I won’t speak ill of Billy Collins because…I love him. I love him, okay? I love him. I just love him. And he makes my  mum cry – in a good way. Now, shut up about it.

Ahem, so…

Billy is the editor of Poetry 180, an anthology of largely accessible poetry intended to be read aloud in American high schools. And it’s one of the books providing the structural integrity for my Pile O’ Poetry. It’s a great anthology for dipping into. There are heaps of brief pieces (180, to be precise) which can be read and appreciated in single sittings.

Anyway, this post has gone awry, so here’s a poem I found and appreciated. The link is to Poetry 180‘s comprehensive website. Animals, by Miller Williams.



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